English Communications, IT and Employability Skills for BAME Leading to Employment

Duration of the Course

6 Weeks

Class Size

10-15 Participants

Social justice outcomes

Initial assessment of English Communication, IT and employability skills to develop an action/work plan which is supported by individual review sessions and group work to increase social awareness and participation skills for work especially with a number of local employers such as Print Art for U, Mithai Ghar, Venecias Coffee, Zever, Ritchies Bakery and Premier Spice Limited. A full diagnostic interview undertaken. Guaranteed work placement and job interview.

Target Customers

Black Minority Ethnicities (BME) and Asian communities with a need to increase confidence, motivation, essential English, IT and employability skills and self-esteem.

Course Outline & Content of Provision

Day and TimeActionBarrier removal and progression
Week 1  Introduction of potential outcomes of the course  and teaching and learning on English, IT specially access to Universal credit login and employability skills    One-to-one session and individual feedbackRecording individual learning Activities Recap the activities of the first week Indication of the second to fifth week activities including live work experienceTravel to work areas and local to the job Centres.  
Travel costs Refreshments
Stationery Additional support Material to support learning Identifying primary and secondary barriers One to one support
WECHA interview Work Education Circumstances Health Aspirations Mentoring
Week 2-5  Teaching and learning on English, Basic IT including Universal Credit Login and employability skills    Recording individual learning Activities and feedback  Recap the activities and Quiz Indication of the live work experience activities for next one week
Week 6 (Work placement and live work experience)  Day visits to local employers for live work experience Work placement with Print Art for U, Mithai Ghar and Ritchies Bakery Arranging guaranteed job interviews with Print Art for U, Mithai Ghar, Venecias Coffee, Zever, Ritchies Bakery and Premier Spice Limited

Achievement and measurement

Clients will complete an action plan and a multiple choice quiz based on the skills gaps indicated in their assessment that will direct them to the specific resources needed. This will allow them to identify further support or courses to attend in consultation with the clients’ local JCP office depending on the work plan.


We have a selection of venues within the communities of ethnic minority groups, located close to the local Jobcentre and travel to work areas. These venues comply with all legislation for disability access and have comfortable surroundings with access to toilets and kitchen areas. All stationery will be provided along with refreshments such as drinks and snacks (including fruit). ‘Additional learning support’ resources are also available.

Progression towards/into employment

There is evidence of a growing need for more transferrable skills in the workforce and not just a qualification. These transferrable skills are extremely valuable skills to have, but first, the client must understand how they can contribute to this. For example: What skills do they already have and what can be developed? It is also noted that the need to have interpersonal skills and motivation to work is essential to long before the interview stage. This evidence is based on performance data of 5 years plus experience of offering this and similar training courses in the adult sector of learning and this specific client group. It is our aim to provide support to clients, allowing them to develop those skills in a time-bound and specific way before the end of the course and they will have identified a further event or course to attend in the future.

Performance offer/cost benefits analysis

We forecast that:

  • 100% of participants will complete a life skills initial assessment with the results available for both client and Job Centre Personnel
  • 100% of participants will complete an action & work plan identifying further resources for motivation, resilience, sociability, professionalism, organisation, initiative, job search, interview technique, and workplace behaviours
  • 100% Participants will attend in the work placement for live work experience which will help them to be prepared for the interview and engaged with employment 

Achievement measurements and outcomes:

  • 100% of participants will gain multiple social justice outcomes
  • 100% of participants will complete a time bound specific action and work plan, also completing the course

We are ready, willing, and able to provide verifiable detailed evidence of our previous performance data including all DWP/JCP requirements relating to start & outcome ratios, KPI’s, social justice outcomes, sustainability, etc. (as required).

Programme performance management, ensuring achievements are recorded

Client information is recorded at start and throughout the duration to notify and inform the mapping and progress of everyone who attends a course and is registered as a learner at our centre. We use a safe data protection system and we audit information each month. We can provide and track all clients who attend and monitor their performance when with us. We gather feedback and discuss course content with all our clients to help improve our service and add to our reports for compliance visits if needed. We use our data system to extrapolate management information to continuously evaluate our performance delivery, quality, compliance and contractual KPI’s.