Gateway Qualifications Entry Level 3 Extended Certificate in Vocational Studies

Course Overview

This qualification is for learners, young people and adults, who would benefit from exploring different possible career options, while building up a set of employability skills useful across sectors, usually prior to progressing to more specialised vocational learning in a specific sector at Level 1. It is likely to be of particular relevance to:

  • Young people leaving school or returning to education following a period of being NEET, without clear career aspirations or unable to make up their minds between different options, often due to a lack of knowledge about them, and who are in need of an extended programme to prepare them for learning at the next level
  • Learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities with aspirations for employment but without a clear understanding of the world of work or the different sorts of job roles that may be open to them in the future
  • Adults who have been long-term unemployed, who need to identify sectors and job roles within them where the
Learning Aim Reference:601/0032/1
Guided learning hours (GLH):175
Total Qualification Time (TQT):250
Credit Value:25
Assessment Method:Portfolio of evidence

Course Summary

QualificationTotal UnitMaximum CreditTotal Guided Learning Hours (GLH)Total Qualification Time (TQT)
  Gateway Qualifications Entry Level Extended Certificate in Vocational Studies (Entry 3)      10    25    175    250
UnitLevelCredit ValueGLHUnit Code
Effective Communication at WorkplaceE3330Y/504/6310
Exploring and Presenting Enterprise IdeasE3325J/504/6321
Introduction to HospitalityE3110A/502/4834
Working Safely in a Retail EnvironmentE3330Y/504/7618
Safe Learning in the WorkplaceE3110F/503/2823
Dealing with Queries and RequestsE3320J/504/7839
Handling MailL1220A/504/7840
Working in Business and  AdministrationE3330R/504/8105
Using Office Equipment in Business EnvironmentE3330M/504/8113
Supporting Business MeetingsL1325H/504/7847

Qualification Objectives

These qualifications have been developed to enable learners who are vocationally undecided to have their achievements recognised across a number of different vocational sectors.

These qualifications are linked to the Gateway Qualifications Suite of Skills qualifications, available in the vocational sectors at Entry 3, Level 1, and Level 2 which are progression routes from the Vocational Studies suite. The employability skills units are common across the suite and also appear within Gateway Qualifications in Employability Skills. Some of the employability skills units also make up the Gateway Qualifications Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills qualifications and the Entry 3 employability skills units also feature in the Entry 3 Preparation for Employment qualifications.

Entry requirements

There are no age restrictions for this qualification and no specific requirements for prior learning or attainment.


The primary purpose of this qualification is to enable learners to identify a sector in which they would like to work and to gain the knowledge and skills to support their progression through further learning to employment in that sector. The qualification supports progression to Level 1 vocational learning in any of the sectors included within the qualification, e.g. a Level 1 Extended Certificate in Retail.

Course Content

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