Create a Striking CV Header

Your CV header is the section at the top that contains your name and contact details. This is the first part of the page that gets read. You have to get it right.

When all is said and done your CV is a sales pitch and the product is you. So make sure your name is in bold. The header can be left or centre aligned. But do ensure the body of your CV stays left aligned.

Include your job title if you’re currently working, then  your contact number and a clickable email address.

Speaking of email address, use a sensible personal email address. was good for a laugh when you were 15, but it’s completely unacceptable for your job search. In fact studies have proven an informal email address has a negative impact on getting hired. Just stick with a combination of first name or initial and surname.

Pro Tip: It’s perfectly ok not to include your residential address. It just takes up space and the hiring manager just might hold it against you if you’ve got a long commute.

Best practice is to add value with clickable links to your LinkedIn profile and other appropriate online presence. An online portfolio is perfect if applicable to your career.

Last of all, there’s some things you never include in a CV header for the UK job market.

  • Photo—this is common in continental Europe, but an absolute no-no in the UK.
  • Date of birth—by law, you do not need to include this and it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against you based on your age.
  • Marital status—again, by law, you do not need to include this, it has no place on a UK curriculum vitae.

If in doubt, leave it out, and stick with plain contact details.

Now, here’s a perfect CV header sample that was made using the Zety CV builder:

Follow this up with your personal statement.