List Your Work Experience

Your CV work experience section should be formatted as follows:

  • Job Title: This should be the header for each entry in the section. Put this in bold or a larger font for emphasis and to make it easier for the reader to scan.
  • Company/City: Immediately follow this up with the name of the company and location of the workplace. Our layout tip here is to use italics for contrast.
  • Dates Employed: The month and year will suffice. No need to put exact dates.
  • Responsibilities/Achievements: 5–6 bullet points for each position, made relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Keywords: Just as with your personal statement, glean keywords from the job description and include them in your experience section for a tailored curriculum vitae.

Now let’s see how it works in practice.

Office Manager Farnsworth Engineering, Manchester June 2016–Present Oversaw office operations in a medium sized engineering firm. Line managed 3 office assistants to ensure maximum operational efficiency.Responsible for cost savings for office supplies of 50% over a two year period, achieved through highly developed negotiation and procurement skills.Led on acquiring a standardised payroll system that replaced two legacy systems across different teams, saving 15 man hours monthly.Introduced 360 degree appraisal and feedback system for office assistant team, helping to decrease turnover by 30%.Led on procurement of new travel booking system and simplified travel approval process leading to cost saving of 25% on business travel expenses.
Office Manager Farnsworth Engineering, Manchester June 2016–Present Office manager for a medium sized engineering firm. Led a team of three office assistants.Responsible for ordering all office supplies.Worked with HR team on payroll system.Introduced new performance management measures for office assistants.Procured a new travel booking system.

Where did the second example go wrong? It’s just a shopping list of responsibilities without any proof in the form of measurable achievements to back them up.

It also gets the layout wrong, no emphasis of the job title. Bad formatting makes your CV harder to read and prevents the hiring manager seeing vital information.